are winegrowers

by conviction


are winegrowers

by conviction

We live our passion


means to us

a modest way of life,

individual responsibility,

and freedom of thought.

The hoopoe

with its proud feathering is, therefore,

the symbol of our winery.

Free like a bird


Our children

see our work from their very own perspective.

They help us to sharpen our senses

and to remain open-minded.


We live on the edge of the alps

in between south and north

in between Mediterranean and Alpine climate,

in between Italian vividness

and the Tirolean art of living,

in between sun-kissed olive groves

and snow-covered glaciers.

Wine connects - for over 2000 years

Deeply rooted

The knowledge and the creative power

of our ancestors

serve as the foundation

for our today’s actions.

We feel that our time has come

to carry on this deeply rooted passion.

Future needs origins

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