Pinot Noir "Vom Roten Kalk"

Pinot Noir is the most motivating and challenging grape variety to us.

Burgundy grape varieties have been domestic in Appiano for over 150 years. Our great-grandfather already cultivated this variety.

Our red loamy calcareous soils next to the Mendel Mountains and the chilly climate are similar to Burgundy and provide excellent conditions to grow Pinot Noir.

But what is typical for great Burgundy? It’s not its strength, richness or full body, but its elegant, long-lasting, salty character that makes this wine unrivalled.

We planted different small-berried French clones to achieve aromatic diversity. We only use organic plant protection and pay close attention to the cautious handiwork. We use green manure, keeping the soil vital to guarantee our vines sufficient vigour. Proper leaf management protecting the vines from sun exposure contributes to preserving its alpine expression. By wrapping instead of cutting the shoots, we achieve lower alcohol levels as we suppress epicormic shoots. To determine the perfect harvest time, we taste the ripening grapes daily.

The vinification is puristic and occurs without any additives nor flavour enhancers. Due to spontaneous fermentation in mash vats and long ageing in oak tonneaux, the wine can maintain its character.

Our vision is a Pinot Noir that touches, that emanates vividness and elegance. Our Pinot Noir should be an ambassador of its origin and offer unrestricted pleasure.

In order to bring out the characteristics of the different soils even better, we will be making two separate vintages from the lime from the 2020 vintage onwards.

You can find all information on our Pinot Noir "Vom Roten Kalk" in the fact sheets:

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