Chardonnay "Gottesacker"


Chardonnay is one of the world's most famous and noble grape varieties, which has been successfully cultivated in Appiano for almost 200 years. For our vineyards we have mainly planted high quality clones and selections Masalle from Burgundy and from S. Michele all' Adige (TN). These produce a cool, alpine wine.

Chardonnay feels particularly at home on the calcareous soils in Eppan Berg. The temperate climate and the altitude of about 500m above sea level give the Chardonnay a distinctive acidity. The wood barrel ageing gives it the right creaminess and fullness and a slightly reductive, nutty character with the necessary breeze of tannin. The fine tannin gives the wine a delicate spiciness.

The potential of Chardonnay in Eppan is enormous - we are working on it.

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