In der Låmm

The vineyard „In der Låmm” is located in the district Appiano in the “Weiler Weißhaus, 500 meters above sea level.

The west-facing, airy slope is very sunny and allows the grape to ripen perfectly. Cool air coming from the Montiggler forest strongly influences the moderate climate in this vineyard.

The oldest part of our vineyard was already planted with Pinot Blanc by our grandfather Johann Abraham in 1955. Since then, the vines have been producing excellent grapes

Our ambition is to take care of the old vines, preserve the unique Pinot Blanc varieties and multiply them further for new vineyards.

The Pergola systems' half shade allows the grapes to develop an elegant, complex fruit, typical for this vineyard. The deep-rooted vines do not require artificial irrigation and show diverse mineral aromas making our wines unique.

Moraine soils from the last ice age predominate, intermixed with volcanic rock of quartz-porphyry rich in minerals.

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