Kleiner Sattel

Our vineyard „Kleiner Sattel“ is located directly on the “South Tyrolean Wineroad” (Strada del Vino), between Appiano and Caldaro, on a hill 450 meters above sea level.

This well-exposed vineyard has been cultivated for centuries. It is said that even the altar wine had grown here.

In addition to the glacial moraine soils, with a characteristic porphyry subsoil, river gravel deposits also document the Adige River's original course.

Our family has owned this vineyard since 2008.  Since this small vineyard produces particularly high-quality, small-berried Schiava grapes, we decided to continue cultivating the about 50-year-old vines and vinify the “Rosslauf” site separately.

By cultivating this vineyard in harmony with nature over the years, extraordinary biodiversity and wild growth have developed. To our delight, we can also observe hoopoes (Upupa epops) here.

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