Sauvignon Fumé

Our Sauvignon Blanc is located in a single vineyard about 400m north of the historic Kreithof estate in Eppan at an altitude of 450m above sea level. This moraine hilltop is open to the wind to the north and south and very well exposed. The mineral primary rock soils of quartz porphyry, granite, gneiss and mica slate shape the special character of the wine produced here. The light and barren soil is well suited for Sauvignon Blanc, but requires special attention in viticulture. The build-up of organic matter is necessary to guarantee the water supply. The plant material comes from old South Tyrolean stocks (LB50 and LB36).

Due to a long maceration period and a slow ageing on the lees, our Sauvignon surprises with a smoky-earthy aroma, a distinctive fresh tannin and a vibrating length.

Sauvignon Blanc develops a very unique character on this terroir.

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