Pinot Blanc "In der Låmm"

From old vines

Our Pinot Blanc grows at our winery in Cornaiano/Appiano. The vines, planted here around 1958-1962, produce tiny grapes in all forms and colours. An elegant, complex fruit develops in the half-shade of the pergola, carrying within the origin of this particular site. The deep-rooted vines do not need artificial irrigation and bring diverse mineral flavour components that make our wine unique.

Knowing that grandfather Johann and father Karl Abraham already contributed their knowledge and passion, we feel a special connection to this vineyard. Therefore, we try to respectfully develop and reinterpret this heritage by selecting seedlings from the old vines ourselves. If we consciously preserve and care for this single-vineyard, we can create an expressive, characterful, and independent terroir wine.

In this way, we want to demonstrate that a Pinot Blanc from our region has the potential to stand out in the world of wine.

You can find all information on our Pinot Blanc in the fact sheets:


Vinous by Antonio Galloni 92/100 Weißburgunder "In der Låmm" 2019

Falstaff 92/100 Weißburgunder "In der Låmm" 2019

Vino Slow - Slow Wine Weißburgunder "In der Låmm" 2014

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