Pinot Blanc "In der Låmm"

From old vines

Our Pinot Blanc grows at our winery in Cornaiano/Appiano. The vines, planted here around 1958-1962, produce tiny grapes in all forms and colours. An elegant, complex fruit develops in the half-shade of the pergola, carrying within the origin of this particular site. The deep-rooted vines do not need artificial irrigation and bring diverse mineral flavour components that make our wine unique.

Knowing that grandfather Johann and father Karl Abraham already contributed their knowledge and passion, we feel a special connection to this vineyard. Therefore, we try to respectfully develop and reinterpret this heritage by selecting seedlings from the old vines ourselves. If we consciously preserve and care for this single-vineyard, we can create an expressive, characterful, and independent terroir wine.

In this way, we want to demonstrate that a Pinot Blanc from our region has the potential to stand out in the world of wine.

You can find all information on our Pinot Blanc in the fact sheets:

Pinot Blanc "Vom Muschelkalk"

From old vines

Our Pinot Blanc “Vom Muschelkalk” grows on our highest vineyard in Gfill/Appiano Monte, 600 meters above sea level. In 2015, we purchased this vineyard cultivated with 60-year-old Pergola vines and produced our first single-vineyard wine in 2016.

The vineyard lies on a hillside at the foot of the Mendel Mountains and has deep porphyry subsoils with clayey sediments and gravelly alluvial soils containing lime and clay. Surprisingly, the very deep red clay soil features shell limestone slabs, which give our Pinot Blanc its name. The result is a very alpine, tense wine underlined by a profound acidity, freshness, and elegance. 

That’s Pinot Blanc too. Pure terroir.

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Upupa Orange

Orange Wine

Gewürztraminer – beloved and polarizing at the same time.

One thing is for sure: The Gewürztraminer is a part of South Tyrol’s history. It was already cultivated in the warmest regions of our country in the Middle Ages. This domestic variety has always produced very expressive and aromatic wines.

We try to bottle our Gewürztraminer as pure as possible, without any additives and residual sugar. That means very ripe grapes, spontaneous fermentation on the skins, ageing in used wood barrels.

Our Gewürztraminer is aromatic, spicy, bone dry and has rough edges – just the way we like it!

You can find all information on our Pinot Blanc in the fact sheets:

Upupa Weiß

Sauvignon/Pinot Blanc

All our Upupa (= Hoopoe) wines have one thing in common – they are not easy to classify and slightly step out of line. We decided to produce our Upupa White acting on instinct. It is based on a “gemischten Satz” (different grape varieties planted in one vineyard, then harvested and fermented together) partially introduced and planted by our grandfather Johann Abraham over 50 years ago – and now rediscovered and reinterpreted by us. The spontaneous fermentation and the oxidative ageing in big wooden barrels allow this wine to stay alive.

Upupa Weiß is our interpretation of a traditional blend of our area.

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